The Carriage House is a full-service creative co-op of emerging talent from one of the world's top ad schools. We leverage strategy and insight to deliver innovative messaging that captivates your audience and advances your brand.

My Involvement

Launch Team Member

Once it became clear that COVID-19 would cancel our internships, we set out to find an alternative. I was on the team that worked on the official branding of the co-op and helped develop a plan for legitimization.

Council Member
Upon realization that having a team to run operations was just as important as the co-op itself, the launch team implemented a Council to handle the work. Myself, along with five other members representing all of the Brandcenter tracks, were voted in to take on the responsibility.

Mentor Liaison

While The Carriage House was able to take on the role of an internship, we were still missing out on the networking opportunities that were typically experienced. As a part of the Council, Chrissy Boals (AD '21) and I sought to replicate the connections students were missing out on. We created The Carriage House mentorship program, which allows our members to interact with industry professionals and alumni through office hours, work reviews, workshops, and panel discussions.

Project Strategist

In addition to my Council work, I am currently involved with five companies to develop various strategies for brand objectives. As work gets completed and permission is granted, this page will get updated with more information about the companies and the final products.

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