Eco Points System

Class: Strategy and Design with Caley Cantrell


    Thomas Freeman, Strategist

    Marshal Turner, Experience Designer

    Marissa Liu, Experience Designer

The Ask

develop a solution to fix a sustainability problem

We knew, just from experience, that anything that required any significant work would not get adopted on a large enough scale.  Unfortunately, most of our ideas required work on the user end, like downloading an app, self-inputting data, and ___.  Then we tried to focus on world issues - land waste, food waste, coral reefs, etc - but found ourselves thinking too big. 

Finally, we turned to behaviors - what habit(s) did we want to change?

We want commuters to reduce carbon emissions by opting for public transportation.

So how do we get people to ride more?

The Problem: Being the environmentally friendly option is not enough to negate the hassle of taking public transportation when there are, quite simply, more enjoyable options.
Close proximity and contact with strangers, unreliable and less controllable than driving, it often takes longer and requires more waiting.

So instead of pushing the social angle, why not give riders something tangible?

By providing a valuable incentive, we can decrease carbon impact by increasing ridership.

Eco Points

How can we convince commuters to change their transportation habits?

Newman's Own

A creative brief

Seamless in LA

A hypothetical transition of the popular NYC food service  across to a rival city.

Home Run Inn

How do we make frozen piza desirable?

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