Seamless in LA: Taking a New York City Staple Across the Country

Say Seamless wanted to launch its service in Los Angeles during the Summer of 2020. How would we make an impact despite an ongoing pandemic?

About the Project Seamless has already launched in LA, but without significant buzz. Our ask was given just before nationwide lockdown, and we were allowed to adapt to it or pretend it wasn't happening. Our team decided to challenge ourselves with branding in a global crisis.

Background: What is Seamless?

Seamless launched as the first food delivery service in New York City in 1999. They started with a B2B model before opening to consumers in 2005.

Seamless merged with Grubhub in 2013, which has allowed them to expand their services.

The Opportunity

The Problem

As a branch of Grubhub, Seamless now has the resources to infiltrate other markets and expand its business.

Much of LA's culture is rooted in food, making it the perfect city to venture into as a delivery service.

Despite market saturation, Seamless has remained the market leader in its hometown. Its strength in NYC culture has been tough to beat.

How does a company that roots itself in NYC culture expand to other markets, particularly to its rival city?

The Objective

Immerse Seamless into the city's culture the way they've succeeded in New York City.

Launch Timeline

Because of the unprecedented nature of a pandemic, we chose to adopt a situation-based approach instead of a traditional calendar communications plan.

Beach Delivery

Manned and branded kiosks allow for waterside delivery at popular beaches.

Jet Ski Delivery

Certified operators bring meals to the water, eliminating the need to dock for lunch.

Fighting Food Insecurity

An expansion of the existing Donate Your Change Program to help vulnerable populations,

Phase One

The Now

The threat of COVID-19 is still keeping the country in lockdown. How can we help the people of Los Angeles stay comfortable at home?

Phase Two

Things are Looking Up

The threat is still ongoing, but travel restrictions have loosened. How can we maintain safety precautions while aiding in the transition?

Phase Three

Back to Normal

Protection protocols have been lifted and Angelenos are back to life as we used to know it. After working to build trust, Seamless can fully launch with activations and campaigns.

Book Delivery

Partnerships with local independent book shops and popular book club programs.

Food Truck Delivery

Partnerships with local food trucks to get them in the delivery game.

Social Distance Dating

Making dinner together easy for couples separated by the lockdown.

Landmark Takeovers

Projected content to visualize Seanmless's integration into the city.

Local Artist Support

Working with artists and restuarants to bring more life into an already rich art culture.

Skate Park Delivery

Taking advantage of LA's skate culture by providing free delivery and special offerings.

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